·       Beauty Enhancement – Anti wrinkle

From £125 Anti wrinkle, line softening & frown erasing treatments with BTX. Turn back the clock with beauty enhancement in the safe hands of a fully trained and insured Aesthetic Practitioner. 

·       Derma Fillers – Lip & cheek augmentation

From £150Beautiful Lip augmentation using hydrating fillers. Facial contouring and cheek augmentation. Can be combined with Botox or alone to achieve great results. Younger, plumper skin for the look you want.

·       Smokers Lines AKA Perioral Lines

£50 as an additional area (usually £140)4 little injections used just above the top lip to correct those vertical lines ~ BTX. 

·       Sad Mouth or downturned mouth

£50 as an additional area (usually £140)Dermal filler treatment used in combination with BTX to help lift the corners of your mouth. This reduces the power of muscles that pull the corners of your mouth down.

·       Gummy Smile Reduction

£50 as an additional area (usually £140)Smile conscious? If your upper gums show too much when you smile & you’re forever putting your hand over your mouth to hide it, it’s time to treat it. We can reduce this for you. Smile happy �

·       Reduction of ‘The Wide Set Jaw’

£175Relaxer ~ BTX used in carefully mapped areas of the jaw muscle to help slim down the width of the face and muscles caused by teeth grinding or strong massater muscles in the face. For men and women. 

·       Bunny Lines – Anti Wrinkle Treatment

£50 as an additional area ‘Bunny lines’ are wrinkles which appear at the side & upper part of the nose when we smile. Treated by simple injections with BTX to minimise & smooth them away. Tell your bunnies to hop it! 

·       Nefertiti Neck Lift

From £225The Nefertiti Lift is a fabulous procedure redefining elegant lines of the jaw & neck for a youthful, tighter, more contoured appearance without surgery. BTX is used to reduce & smooth out lines

·       PRP ~ Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy

£225 1st treatment Amazing results! Provided only by a medically trained practitioner. Proven to repair & rejuvenate at a cellular level. Reverses signs of ageing, acne scars, sun spots & more. Recommend 3 treatments. 

·       Hyperhidrosis ~ Anti sweat treatment

£275 (In total for both underarms) Great BTX treatment for excess underarm sweating. Can last between 6-7 months & takes effect with 2 weeks. Turning off the sweat glands. No more embarrassing patches.