Tips For Lips:  How To Enhance Your Lips

The art of lip enhancement is the creation of beautifully shaped lips and ensuring that lips do not look “done”

Consider an initial cautious approach to your treatment – you can gradually build the effect you wish to achieve with subsequent top up treatments. Remember that your lips should look balanced and in proportion to each other; pretty, not an over blown pout. When planning lip enhancement, factor in some downtime. Lips do swell afterwards and it can take a couple of days for the treatment to settle.

A good practitioner will be able to create soft, pretty lips that look in proportion to your face by adopting a less is more approach. It can take a few days for lips to settle down to see the true result. If you need a little more filler, you can always pop back to have a top up treatment.

As experienced practitioners, we can identify and address your problem areas and give the lip outcome that is best for you. We use only the safest products proven to deliver the most natural results.

Upper Face

How To Enhance Your Eyes

Eye contact is so important in face-to-face communications and we need to feel confident, not bothered by frown lines or deep tear troughs.

  • Treating frown lines and crow’s feet can do wonders to open and widen your eyes.
  • When having facial muscle relaxant injections to treat glabellar frown lines, be prepared to come back for a top up treatment as it may take a few days for the results to be seen. If you are prone to bruising, you should plan your treatments carefully to allow for some downtime.

You can discuss with us any areas of interest and express your concerns so that we can address them in a realistic manner. The objective of the consultation is to have a better understanding of your goals, expectations and budget so together; we can offer the most optimal treatments to meet your goals.

At consultation your practitioner will go through a consent form with you before you proceed with your beauty enhancement.